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Update on mum

Since the entry this morning and mum seeing the GP, things have got much worse. To the point where she has lashed out at the carer, screamed her lungs out at her, and become very confused. For the past 45 mins she has been getting on and off the toilet, each time she gets off it, she sits back down and says she needs to use the toilet again.

Its now reached the point where she doesn't know what she is doing, is unsure of what is happening, and I hae had to speak to the GP and NHS Direct, while my sister spoke to the hospice.

On the GP calling back he has decided she needs to go in for care, either the hospice or Lewisham Hospital.

Her levels of confusion and distress hae reached such a point that it is now unfair on anyone to have to deal with it, let alone to leave her feeling this way. So fingers crossed we will get a call back soon to see if a placement can be arranged for her. Hoping that it will be the hospice, then we will get a true picture of how she is being with people.

After the doctor suggested a urine infection it seemed plausible, but as the afternoon has progressed, the situation has become out of control. Now it can only really be something more serious, possibly the tumour.



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