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Ok, its diet time….. Again!

Heard it all before, yeah yeah ok, riiiiight... I can hear all the sighs and groans now, but this time I mean it, honest. If I'm being honest I guess I should say I am 2 days in already, and all is going fine. A couple of bowls of cereal is all that has passed my lips for the past few days, and if I'm honest I feel fine for it.

Sure there are some familiar things happening, headache and peeing lots, but they are all expected. The plan I'm following is a VLCD or Ketosis based plan, with supplemental food packs supplied by Protikee. I have used them before, and they are amazing for rapid weight loss. With the ongoing issues with my foot, taking some of the load off it will help no end.

To show I am still planning and following my plan, I already have some food planned for tomorrow night. Noooo! Don't start groaning again, this will be chicken aka pure protein, so won't be an impact on the diet itself.

Long term, I want to stick to this for 4-6 weeks at least, with only occasional foods just to keep the body ticking over. Hopefully at the end of it clothing will be a little more comfortable, the idea of sitting in an airline seat in the summer for 9 hours won't seem so daunting, and best of all some self confidence will return.

With January coming to an end my busy month is just around the corner, so all hell is about to break lose. Hopefully by the end of Feb with birthdays, weddings and tests all out of the way, I will be on a far more solid footing, and heading in a positive direction. Not wishing Feb over with, but I am hoping that I will come out of Feb on the path that I have in sight.

Right, that's me for now, Day 3 ahead.

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