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One mans misery….

Is another mans amusement, especially when its based on something so empty and futile.

A little altercation at work today with a co-worker really did put my new found patience and focus to the test, and by golly I think I did pretty well. While there are no winners and losers in such a situation, there are always lessons to be learned, and todays lesson was clear.

I am clearly capable of keeping a clear head while those around me are losing theirs.

Which is fantastic news for me on so many levels. This is the test I have been waiting for for weeks if not months now. I can use this confidence in a number of other up and coming situations for me, including my impending test. Focus is where its at, and I have refound mine.

The outcome of the situation, a very frustrated co-worker, a number of startled and astonished co-workers, and a feeling of satisfaction. At both the ending to the situation, and also in my ability to stay cool.

Well done me, even if I do say so myself.

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