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One in a billion…

Or maybe the variables are even higher, I don't know.
But as I sit on my train home, looking around the carriage, observing everyone in their own bubbles. Blackberry's, iPads, iPhones, Kindles and even good old fashioned books and papers, one thing is clear. We are all individuals.

Dress, voice, beliefs and interests. The only thing with one another at this point is the desire to travel from one place to another. Yet crammed together, with our own chosen distractions we are happy to co-exist together for this short period of time. Ignorance is bliss, and what better distraction from your surroundings than a mobile device. (Hence I'm writing this now)

The thought of eye contact or verbal communication in here is almost frowned upon for sure.

So for a short while we all block everything around us out, and focus on the insides of our own bubbles. But what lays ahead for everyone. As I look around the train I like to play a game and try and work out more about people. How they will walk and behave, what awaits them at home etc. A bit weird I know, but people watching is my thing. Because I share this journey with many of the same people daily and weekly, as the weather changes its interesting to see how their dress changes too. That also tells you a bit about them too.

I know this is all a bit weird, but then that's just me all over.

The one thing I have noticed above all is how no two people on the train are alike, mannerisms, appearance etc, we are all so individual its amazing. OK there are similarities, Apple devices are popular, Superdry clothing is also a common sight, as are some other mainstream items, but that's where it ends. Behaviour on trains is uniform at a glance, no one making eye contact, everyone managing their space etc, but look beyond that, at the focus in peoples eyes. The concentration on thought, a book or their music, foot tapping, finger tapping, eyes flitting around the carriage, everyone is doing their own thing.

Its days like today, when I'm detached enough from my own thoughts to notice these things, that I love who I am, and wonder what others are thinking when they look at me. Hmmm actually maybe I don't want to know that lol.

So, like me, you are one in a billion or beyond, unlikely ever to meet your duplicate, and I don't mean in looks either.

Another weird blog entry, that's me signing off.

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