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At least something is going right..

It always feels good when something goes to plan, and in this case it feels good physically and mentally.

In Dec I decided I would diet, and for a couple of weeks I followed a sensible routine. But as xmas moved in, the willpower and interest moved out. Needless to say a binge ensued, and I think I probably ended up worse off that I started.

Anyway, a few weeks back I got my game face back on, and have gone for it. Now call me smart or stupid but I didn't have a starting point weigh in. But as the clothes start to loosen, and the physical condition improves I decided on a weigh in, and today was the day.

Again, maybe a bad idea it being a monday as I ate a little more than normal over the weekend, however I have done the weigh in now, and we are currently at 232.2lbs. Which for me is a little more that I hoped for, I was hoping for 22*.* That 2 instead of a 3 is a great motivator. But its really not far away now, and I guess it gives me another kick up the pants.

So the week ahead, I will hit that elusive 229.9 and below mark. And then after that, I can chase some lower numbers. However once into the high 220's I am going to change the diet up a bit.

At the moment my intake is dry cereal in the morning, lots of fluids during the day, dry cereal in the evening after work. And then a couple of SlimFast snacks a bit later on. Saturdays is binge day where up until last week I would have Nando's. But this weekend I went for a chicken kebab. Instantly feeling like crap after eating it, it sat badly with me all weekend. So I will be glad when that's all out of me.

Next week if I weigh-in again I think I will leave it til Tuesday 🙂

Right, enough drivvle from me. Have a good day.

PS updates on my diet on Twitter @therealslimsnaz

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