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One year on.

Well todays marks one whole year since mum passed away, and today was all about reflection and moving on.

For me I have had today planned out for a long time. Not a day of sorrow or sadness, but a day of peace. Not in the traditional sense, but my mind has been at rest. A year on and no longer fretting and worrying. This year I am relaxed, can look back at all the good times, and remember the final journey I took with Ann Snasdell, my mother.

The biggest part of today was the starting of a tattoo. Between 12 and 3pm, the final hours of mums life. Marking them with a tribute to her that will last with me forever. Seems a bit strange I know, but a tattoo is what I know best, and was what she knew I did in honour of loved ones passed.

I have attached a picture of the work so far. It has a long way to go, but getting it started at the right time was key here.

For the rest of the day I have made sure I have kept good company, and had fun conversation. With Michelle and Steve at Innocent Needle Tattoo in Croydon, then Dean and Ian at Storm Bromley, its been a good day.

Deep within there has been constant thought of mum, and visiting St Christophers yesterday seemed very fitting for me too.

I won't drag this on, I am sure those that know me know what I am thinking and feeling right now. A year on, and time to move on. Never forgotten, but no longer an active part of my life.

Thank you again mum for all you did to raise me, and make me the man I am today. I hope when you left us, you left with a sense of pride that you were an amazing mum. Love you forever x

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