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Coming to my senses

Quick entry just to say this.

The past few weeks I have been drifting around in my mind, and getting by with things. Eating junk, lazy on activity, and really not interested in doing much.

Thing is, as I stand on the train this morning I can actually feel myself waking up, coming to my senses and wanting to get back in the groove. I knew this time would come naturally and was never going to force it, just didn't expect it to arrive quite like this.

Nothing has triggered it, its just waving and washing over me while I stand here. Positive thoughts, motivation, and determination all rushing back into my mind, and it feels fantastic. Just in time too.

The plan was to get back on track next week anyway, so this fits perfectly and gives me a few days to start making adjustments to my days to allow for it.

I'm sure I will pay the price for slacking off physically. But mentally it has been SO worth it.

So that ends my random entry. Other than to say, seeing my new tattoo started has something to do with all this for sure.

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