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One of ‘those’ days

You know the sort, we all have them. Nothing major and stressful, but just a day of minor hiccups that ultimately start to piss you off a little bit.

Well I'm having one today. Woke up and got up at my usual 'lazy' time as I have been recently. I think that might actually be a part of it, no structure. I shall come back to that. Walking the dogs, its threatened to rain. Email from the bank, I'm short for a bill, shirt I wanted to wear is dirty, dog not eating breakfast.... The list goes on.

Now I'm not going to stress about it, gawd no! I watched 24 hours in A&E last night and was reminded of what real anxiety and stress feels like. I don't wanna be back in that situation any time soon. Just watching someone panicking over nothing is enough to straighten me out a little. So, deep breath and all is well again in the land of Snaz!

But going back to structure, I think that's where I'm falling apart. I need the routine of P90X or Tai Chi back in my mornings, and that will start again next week. A week booked off work to allow for the adjustment, so I have a plan, no need to panic.

Other than that I have little to say. Olympics Part 1 went well, proud to be a Brit.

Just watching the Ecuador and Julian Assange story unfold, will we go into the embassy, will he flee.... So much going on.

OK weird looks on the train have started, so this is me signing out.

Have a good one people.

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