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Guess its time

Been a while since I last frantically hammered the keys of my Blackberry on a train or platform to let all you spectators know what's going on with me, so here goes.

Last few weeks have been pretty lazy if I'm honest. With mums anniversary of passing, came a serious drop in interest in life in general. Letting things build up, dates to pass and bills to remain unpaid. I guess its just been a time of adjustment for me.

I have had 2 sittings on the tribute tattoo to mum now and its looking fantastic. Other than that I have done nothing, honest, NOTHING! Not even trained.

This week however the wind seems to be hitting my sails a little more and the energy is returning. Enthusiasm to get things sorted, positive thoughts towards all things outstanding, and determination to get back on track.

I am planning to start training again next week, which sadly coincides with the start of the next round of building works at home, but I can't let that be a distraction or excuse not to train.

Other things I need to do are ordering dog supplies, cancel my Virgin mobile account seeing as someone decided not to pay for it anymore, cheers for that! And other things like updating my Virgin media account.

Aaah so much to do but I'm in the right zone now, so here goes.

Thanks as ever to the people who have stuck around. To anyone who is a little down right now, fear not, it will get better, eventually.

Right time to get on a train, and enjoy thos glorious sun on the platform. Have a great day.



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