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Snap back

From a high to a low in an instant. An good day junked  by irrational thought,  and a moon bombing so quickly I can't keep control of it.
Not sure what happened,  the day was going so well,  but in the space of half an hour my mood has dropped to one if it's lowest points to date. Feeling hopeless,  worthless and alone,  and it really sucks.

Not sure what I can do to save myself from myself at the moment,  so the simple solution seems to be sleep. But my mind isn't done with me yet and refuses to let me settle. Hence writing this. Desperately trying to get things out of my head so I can put the day to rest and move on.

A simple event like this can knock me back for days or even weeks. So I'm hoping I wake refreshed and can spend my day avoiding triggers and have a better one tomorrow.

I need this to stop,  it's getting desperate now.

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