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Whatever life throws at us, we always find a way to keep going. Be it casting the problem or matter to one side, or finding a way to deal with it, in such a way that life still feels normal, while underneath it's anything but.
Sadly the ways we find to deal with things are not always ideal and come with baggage. For me this is the usual case, and when it comes to mental issues I regularly rob Peter to pay Paul, never actually tackling the root of the issue. Hence things in my life have a habit of building up and up, til it all just falls back down to earth.

Currently I am in such a situation, confusing dealing with issues, with creating more complexities. It's not a bad thing, but the two issues I am dealing with, depression and anxiety are only temporarily masked periodically, rather than getting to grips with them and leaving them behind me.

Instead of worrying about the initial triggers, I am now left fretting completely irrationally about other things.

I know this is all very cryptic to some, and it is intended that way. I am just trying to openly acknowledge that I am being an over sensitive idiot right now, and should take the time to appreciate things a little more, rather than stressing about them.

Thats all from me for now.

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