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End of another week.

As I board the train for one last trip to work this week, a smile radiates from within, with the knowledge that after the next six hours I will be free to be me again. And I can't wait!
Drifting off into my own little world on my BlackBerry while travelling to work, with the sounds of Chris Brown in my ears, I'm ready for whatever the day has in store for me. I know it's not going to be a pretty one, and the weekend is going to seem a long way off in half an hours time, but the goal is worth it.
Tomorrow afternoon I start another tattoo project which I have named the 'Welshanese Dragowl' The name explains it's roots and meanings really. A Japanese themed piece with undertones of Welsh. Featuring a Japanese Dragon in the pose of the Welsh dragon, and an owl in the background.
I am hoping that having these first three hours of the piece will help me work towards the closure on the matter that I really need right now. Dragging on forever is the only way I can describe what's happening right now. And like all other big things in my life, marking it with ink is a must, and always helps me remember why it's important to me. The bleeding during the inking is almost the bad of the situation bleeding out of me and freeing me of its poisons. Thats my thought on it anyway.
So tomorrow at 2pm it all begins, as ever with the wonderful Michelle Collenette  of Innocent Needle Tattoo's in Croydon.
So that's me, as we approach my station, it's time to face the work that stands between me and my freedom. As usual, expect pics and text to follow with updates on the ink. 

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