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The final curtain

So, it's been a long journey that's for sure, over the past 6 months I have gone from visiting my aunt for her final Xmas with, spending time with her as she declined and moved into the home for a very short stay, and then finally spent time in Wales again to tie up the formalities and deal with all her affairs, with the assistance of Chris, for which I am eternally grateful.
Following the funeral in March, and the following visit to clear the house, the only remaining thing to come is the boat trip to Puffin Island to scatter the ashes of my mum and Aunt Joan.
I have to admit, for a multitude of reasons, this is probably the biggest dread of mine to date. So much going on, so many emotions on tap, and a few unknown quantities, which is something that always un-nerves me. So going it alone it really gonna suck. 
The plan is to spend the weekend in Wales, and to spend the respectful amount of time in the right places, and spend the rest of the time unwinding, reflecting and relaxing. With the date set towards the end of July, the weather should be quite forgiving, so the chance to spend some time in the wilderness will be nice.
Alone or with company, I'm sure I will cope, but one thing for sure is making the most of the time there, as this will be the last time I really visit Wales for something family related. There will be the sorting of the headstones etc, but this is the last specific family duty that will be carried out in Wales, period.
Right now I am just reflecting on the trip, thinking about what to expect, and filling up with a little dread and a hint of depression and stress about it all. All of which I'm sure will pass soon.
Lots of thinking to do right now, but that probably explains the poor nights sleep, and the hours spent listening to music til the early hours.
That's me for now.

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