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‘Are you the blogger’

This was my greeting this morning from two guys outside the illusive 6 Church Rise this morning. A little startled I cautiously confessed I do indeed blog, and blog about this site.
Strange opening over with, and the introductions made, it became apparent I had finally met the developer of  the site. So perfectly timed too, with the project coming to an end. So with that in mind, I thought it was time to do another little blog about the place.

First up, lets look back a bit, 2007 and Earlsfield Estates started what would turn out to be a doomed project. Having not lived next door to a site of such size before I didnt know what to expect, but as the weeks passed one this was apparent, it wasnt going very well. Late 2007 the scales tipped and the house begun to collapse, and that is where the real journey started.
By the end of 2007 the house was surrounded by structural scaffolding, pumped full of concrete and looking very sorry for itself.
Here are a couple of pictures of its journey to becoming a clear site again.

Excuse the photoshopped arrow, but this is the day it all started to happen. I have an archive full of these pictures somewhere, but speaking to the developers today inspired me to dig a couple out. This was a very sad and scary day for those of us living near by.
The following year, once all the concrete was set and all the safety checks had been made, it was time for 100 years of history to be wiped from the street forever. Here it is a little way in.

Needless to say, a LOT has changed since these pictures were taken, and a lot has happened in between 2007 and now in 2013.

I will keep this brief, and try and avoid sounding too biased, but I have to say. Apart from a few scares and moments of confusion about what was going on, it has been a pleasure seeing the resurection of 6 Church Rise. With all the worries about how the hell the tonnes of concrete would be removed, to how the finished product would look, I have to say as the final few days of work are done on the place, its looking amazing. Never did I imagine that the replacement for a beautiful Victorian house would fit in so well, while being so well executed.

How it looks now is great, and with the invite to have a nose around inside being issued, I cant resist but seeing how things are looking inside too. The view of the street from my house restored after many years, its almost like the end of a prison sentence, and one I should impress was NOT imposed by the current developers, but more by the greedy and poor attitudes of Earlsfield Estates.

So a few pics of the new place will wrap this brief blog up nicely. To anyone viewing this due to researching with the view to buy. I have seen this place built from ground up and not a single corner has been cut, and I am really not as nosey to live next door to as it might seem, I have just been immersed in the whole building process... Honest 🙂

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