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You can always count on true friends.

In times of need, trouble and strife, its always nice to know there are people you can turn to for support of all kinds. On this occasion, its everyones favourite.. MONEY! Bastard stuff, truly the root of all things evil, but a necessity of life I guess.

Due to some changes like the cash card fiasco and the unexpected drop in wages from work, (I wasn't expecting the pay to drop til next month, doh) I have been left in a spot of bother to say the least. A few bills left to come out this month, and nothing to pay them with. So friends to the rescue.

Its always embarrassing to ask to borrow money, but at times it has to be done to fix a problem, and on this occasion it was needed as a quick fix. Not a proud moment, but one I would happily return the favour on to most friends.

A random act of kindness, paying it forwards, call it what you may, but times like this inspire you to help someone else out. And that's exactly what I have done. Albeit not quite in the same way. Seeing a car parked on my street earlier I noticed the hazards were flashing, but didn't know where the owner lived. On walking the dogs, as I returned home I noticed 2 people now sitting in it, and heard it turn over slowly... Flat battery.

So I ran in, grabbed my car keys and went to check I could find my battery point, then went to offer a jump start.

The offer was accepted, and I have now got two new neighbours that I have met, and made friends with, and their car works again.

Helping people out is empowering at times to say the least, and while receiving help may be humbling, it is also a reminder how kind people around you can be in times of need. Now if only more people could take the time to do one good deed a day.

To the people who have humbled me today, and over recent times with their kindness, I thank you sincerely.



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