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Quick add-on to my earlier entry. I mentioned mums condition today, and my worries about her state.

I am back for my evening visit now and am having an almost identical conversation with her now, as I did a few hours ago. When I walked in she informed me she had two things to tell me.

Her first was that the art therapy teacher had been to see her, and had discussed her joining the class, and saying the consultant had asked for her to be treated as a priority.

And the second was that she was now willing to use the nebuliser. I didn't mention this in the blog earlier, but it was discussed. Now that she has had a day without smoking induced coughing, she wants to use the nebuliser to help clear her chest. She has refused to use it for a week now, so that's a break through for her.

Another interesting occurrence has just taken place. After insisting all week that they are putting her to bed really late and it is affecting her sleep, she has now said they are waiting to put her to bed (8pm). She is currently outside smoking, and said that she needs to get back upstairs asap as they have been waiting to get her changed since 7pm.

Other things like this happening indicate that although she has 2 clocks, being able to follow what time it is is quite difficult for her right now.

So as I prepare to leave for the evening, I am left with a loaded mind about how she really is. Breathing poor, thought process getting worse, and stress levels going back up again. Can only hope she has a good nights sleep.

Night all.



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