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A little update from me.

Right, mum first.
She is now in a stable condition, and following her endoscopy they have NOT found where the bleed is coming from. Thankfully though they are keeping her topped up with blood, with 2-3 units a day being pumped in to keep her running. She is miserable and just wants to be at home. She is trying to block out what is going on, for the sake of complaining and saying she wants to go home.
Other than that, she is behaving in the hospital, and back to eating again, which she is thankful for.

All that said, as I type, mum has just text to say she cant take it there anymore, and wants some clothes so she can just come home. So not really thinking too straight or paying much attention to what is going on with her. Really does not seem to grasp what is going on inside.

However... Yesterday I jumped in the car in the morning and drove up to Wales to see my aunt.
4 hours to get there thanks to roadworks etc. But well worth the drive. Arriving in the town was really quite emotional, and it took a while to compose myself. So I took some time, taking in the views from the seafront (Which I will post soon)
On arriving at my aunts house, I took a couple of minutes to get myself together, and message a few people to say I was there. But noticed my aunt was already looking out of the window at the car, curiously.
When I finally knocked, the greeting was very warm, and the hug alone made the trip more than worth it. We had a long chat and discussed many things, from health to current affairs lol. And I plan to return as soon as I can to see her again.
The drive home was a bloody nightmare, taking about 5 1/2 hours in total. Pulling up on the drive, the total distance was about 502 miles. And worth every inch.

The road ahead. With the recent text from mum it is obvious that she is getting twitchy and wants to be out of there as soon as possible. I can see some problems unfolding from this, but I am not saying a word, and will see how things pan out.
Hopefully she will hang in there, and let them do the investigations and find out what is going on inside before trying to escape the ward. While I can understand its boring, frustrating and a little upsetting, I dont think that coming home and bleeding to death is really the answer. With her current blood loss she would be lucky to stay alive for 24 hours.

Just a footnote to this entry, not a lot of detail, but blogs are for venting right?
Yesterday I felt a little like a delivery courier or something. Dropping something off in Wales, but collecting something else to bring back with me that I was not expecting. Thrown a bit of a spanner in the mental works, but nothing that cant be sorted out. Im sure more detail will follow in time. But a strange twist none the less.

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