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An update for the day.

Well, after the most irritating journey home I have had in a long time, made worse by having an right indicator that kept turning on (not good in rush-hour traffic) the day has taken a somewhat unexpected turn...... for the better!

On getting home I opened my email client, to check an email address I dont use on my Blackberry. I was hoping for a response from the physio re missing payments, and sure enough *BING* in it popped.
To my suprise we were all in agreement that the payments HAVE been made, and that there is no outstanding payment to be made. On replying to this email and thanking them for their time following it up, I received a call from my old physio to discuss it further.

So all is well that ends well, we are still friends, I am not in debt for a huge sum of money to them, and hopefully I can now follow this up with my solicitor and get reimbursed for the full out of pocket expenses incurred for physio to my shoulder.
Although something tells me that without an amended invoice, the solicitor will still only try and claim back the actual money spent, and not that showing as owed. I will have to follow this up tomorrow I guess.

*memo to self, email solicitor in the morning

So thank you to the physio for their honesty, my apologies for suggesting it was a scam of some sort, and heres to getting another step closer to getting this whole legal circus rounded up!

Have a good weekend.

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