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Back at the hospice.

And this afternoon she is a little bit confused.

She is repeating a story to me about someone else who is poorly, and what is wrong with them. Now I'm not one for stealing someone's thunder, but I hate seeing mum being left to believe something that's not right. So I'm trying to make more sense of it for her, but its not happening.

Mum has however been making use of the pad I arranged for her, writing down thoughts and ailments to tell the doctors. She was also suspicious that I am collaborating with the doctor about things, as he dared to mention maybe doing some painting as a creative therapy. Sadly in her books its still a stupid idea, as there is no way she can use a paintbrush. Pen, yes, fag, yes, tea cup, yes, knife and fork, yes..... Paintbrush, uh-uh!

Either way, mum is somewhat calmer and less highly strung than she was this morning so that's helping her through the day somewhat. I had a nice fast pacer walk here from home this afternoon, after popping in to check on the puppies. So feel revitalised now. Head still a bit wobbly though.

Still not been able to see or speak to the doctor yet, although he was looking for me this morning after I left. So hopefully I can catch up soon. I am told a medication has changed today, so am keen to know what that is, and why it has been changed. I still want to know what she is taking in the evenings to settle and sleep.

We shall see where we go from there. I will prob come back this evening to at least speak to the nurse doing the meds to see what has changed.



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