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Celebrity status!

Thank you Amber for making me feel like a superstar today at lunch. Its the first time I have walked into a restaurant with someone and them be greeted so warmly, let alone them know someone has been out of the country and have a regular table haha. Awesome is what it was. The food was pretty good to I have to say, and as ever the company was splendid. I should add, thanks for picking up the tab at the end too. Shameful I know.

Like most trips out with Amber I was again out of my comfort zone, eating foods I would otherwise not dare touch, and today.... I used chopsticks! Go me! Lol.

Was nice to get away from it all for a bit, and have such a down to earth chat without the other person dropping off. What is it with BBM bringing me all these people, usually women, to bring sanity and relief from the stresses of life. Samantha, Cadell, and Amber, get me, how lucky am I eh.

So I just thought I would blog this while I stand on a scary almost rush hour train heading home back to reality. *sigh

But I have a smile on my face, which I'm sure will only grow as next week approaches.

Here's to BBM and friends 🙂



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