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Cor what a morning

Plan was to get mum to the hospital by train, get her to her Oncology appt, then get into work.

About 30 mins before we were due to leave she told me she could not make it to the hospital as she felt too ill. Having been here before I decided she HAD to go, so suggested drive to the hospital instead. She agreed.

On our arrival there, she was just getting out, and went wobbly. That was enough. I got her back in the car, and ran in to get a nurse. Thankfully I found an amazing Oncology nurse called Sharon. She was fantastic, got a chair, sorted parking out with security and in we went.

Attention was immediate, with doctors and nurses all over the place running bloods etc. A good examination as well as her appointment. She has been sent home now thankfully as her hb and bp are both stable.

This is only a quick entry as she has asked for a burger from the shop for lunch so I'm writing this while waiting lol.

Main thing is she is ok, and been told to hydrate herself properly, and advise of any issues. Next problem is keeping an eye on her all the time, hmmm.



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