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Ever had that moment when you realise you no longer want to associate yourself with something or someone.

A long term affiliation with this thing or person, but suddenly you see this for what it is and decide enough is enough.

I guess we all do it throughout our lives without even thinking about it. But what brings it to the front of my mind now is sitting opposite someone on the train. Someone I went to school with. Now its nothing personal to him, but more just the whole school experience. Once it was over with there were very few people I wanted anything further to do with.

It was never a fun part of my life, and the second I left primary school I cut all ties with everyone. Only re attaching one thread later in life with one Paul Jefferies.

This has got me thinking though, about those 'turn away' moments, when you see someone that might start a conversation, someone you haven't seen for years, and with a moment to decide you think hell no!

There is an almost endless list of people who I am happy just to dis associate with in a heart beat, some I have, some I would love to. Does this make me a little arrogant and pretentious? Well if it does, sod it, I will take the names nd titles with happiness.

Truth is, over the years I have become better and better at selecting who I socialise with, and who I allow into my inner circles, and if there is no place for you, I will tolerate you, but honestly, I will turn away the second I get the chance... #JustSayin



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