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From negativity comes power.

And from power comes strength. Recent days have seen me face a sudden downturn in mood and mental state, suddenly I found myself plummeting towards the ground at a thousand miles an hour. Simple annoyance became huge grievances, and a tiny downturn became the up-ending of my world.

When such times arrive I have learned that it is time to dig deep, right into the core of your soul and find the energy to overcome the negativity. After a couple of days of fighting and digging I hit gold, and bounced back like an insane bungee, powering back to my former self and beyond. As I pushed back towards positivity I used the recently experienced negativity to fuel my fight back, and remembered how little I want to feel like that.

A reminder of how crap being down can feel is always enough to start the fight back for me, but at times like this, with such heightened emotions and mental state, the speed that the mood changes can be very sudden. I like to keep check on myself from time to time, observing certain aspects of my life, behaviours, and attitude towards issues, looking for signs that things are not right.

The biggest challenge we face with being down, depressed, unmotivated or unhappy is that we don't realise its happening until we are rock bottom. Running self checks has become an important part of my life nowdays, having experiences so many lows, especially in recent years. Depression is my enemy now, and not welcome in my life in any form. An evil place to be, somewhere so many people visit in their lives, and a place misunderstood by so many. Trapped, ashamed, and defeated are the common emotions we feel when there.

Give yourself a self check today, are you the real you, are you coping? True friends will usually be the first to indicate something is wrong.

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