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From wobble to stable..

Amazing the difference a ride can make!

Woke this morning after a good long sleep, in a bit of a wobbly state of mind. Having managed to shake the over thinking as I fell asleep, it caught up with me in my sleep. So a little more tired than I would have liked to have been, I headed out on the bike for a few hours. 

Now you might imagine that the only way to relax on a bike is flowing country lanes, or a bloody big mountain to climb. However, surprisingly, riding in Central London can be equally as positive for the brain. So much going on, so many distractions, and believe it or not some amazing sights too. All the while not being too far from home. Which for me at the moment is a life saver. 

When my head gets into a bit of a wobble, I have pre ride worried, what if something goes wrong, what if I get a mechanical, what if I run out of energy etc. Riding from home, into Central London via some of the routes I use is ideal. Passing lots of overground stations I can use if the worst happens. I have comfort and confidence in doing this from previously when I had a little calf tear while out running. Just hobble to the tube station, and I am sorted. 

After 2-3 hours of pedalling around, pounding out a bit of frustration here and there, but for the main part, just keeping thoughts at bay, and getting some fresh air (pollution) I come back home in a different state of mind. Even when bus drivers have been arseholes, my state of mind at the end of a ride is always much better. 

Being able to ride all morning, until I am about to start work has been great for me, arriving home at 11.55, sweaty and exhausted, but in a fit state to do my work. Win win. Positive mind ready for work, and not having to worry that I might be dripping with sweat and a little unappealing to be around lol. 

I have said it before, and will say it again, cycling has 100% saved me from some terrible times, and I hope it will continue to for as long as I can pedal. 

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