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How very stupid of me!

Aaah well, we all do dumb things at some point in my life I guess. For me, the most recent is jumping for joy. No, seriously quite literally jumping for joy.
When training the other day I realised how high I can jump now, and was impressed. Even by my standards, for a 200+lbs man, I can project myself pretty high from a standing start. In my usual high energy, unplanned fashion, that evening I decided I would do some jumping, so I did. Without really warming up or stretching, I did about 5 standing jumps, tweaking my achillies tendon in my right foot at some point. Doh!

Now there are 2 ways of going about this. I can carry on training, warming up gently until I have full range and motion in the tendon, then train. Or I can take a rest break to let things settle. My initial feeling this morning when I woke (in considerable discomfort) was to take a day or 2 off from everything, to allow nature to take its course. Yoga is the planned activity on my schedule today, and we all know how much I genuinely love yoga. But being realistic, I know that my form will be terrible if I try it today... Runners pose with a sore achillies... Hmm maybe not a great idea.

The conclusion I came to was as follows. Exercising the dogs in the morning is a 600+cal burning exercise, and can be as slow and gentle as I please. Yoga is the one that will cause pain and more damage if anything. So I have decided that if the weather holds out I will walk the dogs as usual, then skip yoga for today. In the hope that I can catch up with the program tomorrow.

There is another motivator driving me in this matter, which I will blog separately after the walk if all works out lol.

As a whole though, as I plunge deep into Week8 of P90X, I can truly say it has been life changing for me. I am already hunting out my next program, and have found 2 that fit the bill. P90X2 and Tai Cheng. For flexibility, balance and posture I have always fancied doing Tai Chi but never got around to doing it. Now however I have the motivation to do it, and also the discipline to follow a program. This is another thing I have gained from P90X. With Tai Cheng being a 90 day program also, this could cause complications for me, finding the time to do these things. But as we head into summer, there is more time in the day so to speak. Looks like summer mornings just got busy and exhausting. Or maybe I will do the Tai Chi in the evenings. We shall see.

Other than my achillies, and my on going achy knee, the rest of my physical health has been fantastic I have to say. Breathing is much improved, posture good, energy levels high, and general aches and pains have faded away. Comparing the minor ailments to the impact and intensity of the program, and for someone creeping up on 40, I think I'm doing ok.

There is still the matter of my little fat pocket on my tummy to deal with. If I can shift it or not remains to be seen, but a stricter diet from days 61 thru to 90 should tell me if there is a hope or not. Also just over a week left to go before Day 60 pictures. Exciting stuff or what.

Right, I'm gonna stop sulking and see if the weather will hold out for me to walk these dogs. Might be back with an update in a while.

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