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In retrospect……

Its a great starting to a sentence isn't it? But then those with foresight rarely use it. Knowing right from wrong, having morals, and knowing where the line that should never be crossed is all help in avoiding the retrospective conversations.

However, for once im going to use it, and hopefully demonstrate some maturity in the process. Comments I have made in the past 24 hours, in retrospect, do not give a true reflection of my attitude or intentions. OK so it is becoming more and more apparent that someone has gone to a lot of trouble to ensure I receive a lot of attention, and pushing me to the brink of losing my job, let alone my mind at times. Pressure applied to managers, open discussions in the office discussing his unhappiness at the situation with me, but never once coming to me directly and saying "I think you are out of order/taking the piss"
If the lack of doing that was due to the understanding of the issues I faced, then why go behind my back and cause so much trouble.
With all that was going on in life for me, tough decisions being made, and mum slipping away, the last thing I needed was a notification of disciplinary from work.... But I got one anyway.

However, looking at the situation as a whole, I will offer an olive branch, take pity on the person who threw this all upon me, and be man enough to take it all with a pinch of salt. its only human nature to get upset, and sometimes be irrational. So the damage is done, to my record, but more importantly to the reputation and respect of the other party invovled. The other party who everyone knows who he is, who will be treated differently by others, and trusted by few. It is true to say that those who live in greenhouses should not throw stones.

In short, I cant be bothering with remonstrating about this sort of thing. My mother died last month, and my daughter is hopefully going to be back in my life soon, so why do I care about any of this rubbish! A path will be followed, an outcome will be made, and people will be judged... Rightly or wrongly so, the truth is out there for others to form their own opinions. And while most accept a degree of bitching.... no one likes a grass!

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