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Just a quick note to Anon’s

I love the fact that people from all walks of life and various countries read my blog. The feedback is appreciated both positive and negative.


If you a spineless little shit that wants to post threatening comments about matters you disagree with me on... You are NOT welcome.

This blog is in MY name, about MY life, and contains MY opinions. If you don't like them, feel free to say so, but do NOT feel you have the right to post any kind of threat or wish of harm to me, while hiding behind the name 'anon'.

Sorry to regular readers for putting up with this rant, but I am sickened and disturbed when complete strangers feel the need to make comments like this....

"Maybe Santa will bring you a hot bullet to the head, followed by an IPCC cover up for Christmas, seeing as you clearly don't know the value of life (or your own brain, for that matter)."

You are a threatening, childish, spineless fuckwit, so as I said in my reply... Fuck off and save the world. If you took the time to read other entries you would realise I put a very high value on life.... Or most peoples anyway.

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