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Lifes a bitch…

Everyone loves a funny story so here is one for you.. Someone buys a camera fraudulently with a stolen credit card via mail order, and has it shipped to them in another country. Using an address that isn't his, and assuming the occupant will be out, he places a note on the intercom for the apartment saying the buzzer is not working.

Unfortunately the courier delivering tried the buzzer first, got an answer and delivered the £1000 camera to the unassuming resident.

Meanwhile the guy has been calling the call centre all day insisting he hasn't been in at all today, and he didn't sign for anything, while the guy who answered the door and took it hasn't been seen since. The caller said a card had been left saying he missed delivery, but no card was ever written which proves he is lying, and didn't even know the colour of his apartment door. He had left a mobile number on the note, so was probably watching close by, waiting on the call, them would pretend to rush home to sign for the package at the building door, never needing access. Just wasn't counting on a courier trying the 'broken' buzzer first.

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