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Mixed feelings.

Well its a weird old morning here, sitting on my bed, waiting for the ambulance from St Christophers to come and collect mum to take her into the hospice. And while trying to get my head around that, now also trying to accept and comprehend the fact that a VERY dear friend, one of my closest ever friends passed away last night.

So what a mixed bag of thoughts and emotions I have now. Relief for mum that she has accepted help, and requested for herself to go into the hospice. This is a short term solution, to help her adjust and manage her current situation, and also to investigate any other ailments she may have. Then possibly leave there and go into a nearby care home. Nothing is certain yet, she might ask to come straight back home on her arrival.

But the other news has knocked me for six. Not quite sure what I'm feeling now. I'm sure once all this mum stuff is over this morning, I will have time to let things sink in 🙁

RIP my friend, you will be sincerely missed every day of my life.



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