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Motivation and inspiration

My my, it seems my little adventure with P90X has really started to have a knock on effect. With a number of friends joining the program, and 4 of them starting to follow the course from Monday coming, may I first say, good on you, and best of luck sticking to it. I am right here every step of the way should you need anything.

Today I got to start using my resistance bands, and OMG what a difference they make. Crazy to feel so much energy going into moving such thin seemingly weak bands. But they work, are much smoother to use in some movements than free weights. However there are of course times when there is nothing better than really pushing a muscle to the limit the old fashioned way. Yes yes, of course I mean bicep curls, Cohen curls, and triceps of course. Nothing like a little vanity is there?

Anyway, I digress. P90X is where its at, and motivating and inspiring others to use it to take care of themselves is the mission I'm on right now. Between Jaces Warriors, and Twitter, the interest seems to grow daily. Add Facebook to that list and the interest gets even bigger.

I want to make sure I am clear about something, before the ridicule starts. P90X is a program, a guide, and something to push you in the right direction. The big notice before you enter is "WILLPOWER REQUIRED". There is no magic involved, no voodoo as Ivan likes to call it, and no miracles. Its like making a cake. You are the ingredients, all the instructions are there, and the equipment is there.... All you have to do is follow the instructions properly, and the outcome will be a lovely cake.
Probably a bad example, as I could murder a cake right now lol, but you catch my flow I'm sure.

So if you are one of the people I have mentioned, or are reading this and wondering if P90X is right for you. Ask yourself this, are YOU right for P90X?

Tell you what. Here are a few FAQ's.

Q. Are the workouts hard?
A. Yes, quite simply. Effort is required, but unlike a lot of programs, you can slide the difficulty slider up as you progress. Start gentle and modified, and as you improve, increase the intensity.

Q. Is it hard to commit to?
A. No. If you start the program hungry for results, then your hunger will be satisfied for sure. Results come fast, and continuous, and re-motivate you. Want it bad enough, and commitment will come easy.

Q. Will I get all big and bulky.
A. P90X can be used to lose weight, tone, or build lean muscle. Adapting your activity throughout the 90 days. Higher reps, lower weights to tone, and digging deeper and going heavier for bulk. Diet will also be key.

Q. Is this guy taking it too far and getting obsessed about P90X?
A. Ok, maybe a touch, but its a healthy one, and that's not a pun. I have been on the program for 10 weeks now, and each week my energy level rises, my activity level goes further off the chart, and my motivation to continue grows.

Right, so that's me. If you are inspired, interested or about to get onto the program and have any questions, fire away 🙂

Next week I start week 11, another week closer to the end of week 13 and the end of cycle 1 of P90X. But it doesn't end there, oh no. After a few days off (maybe) I'm gonna start all over again. I'm addicted, I'm motivated, and I'm driven to achieve what I have never had before. Fitness, state of mind, and physical youth.

Come on, why are you still reading this, its time to live a little, its time to love the life you have..... Bring It people!

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