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Not all doom and gloom

I thought I would be balanced about this and write entries about both good and bad days, rather than seeming like a negative Nancy all the time.

I would like to say I got a good nights sleep last night, but that would be fibbing. Restless and un-refreshing as Garmin called it. I agree! I went to bed at a reasonable time, and wanted to see if I could get myself up early, and start the day on the right foot. A little pre-sleep apprehension about today, thinking through how I would conduct myself today, then off to sleep for the first 30 min stint. 

The sleep continued like that til about 6am when I decided to start getting myself together for the day. Knowing the day was a bit of a shit storm at work today, I decided not to be totally obsessed by the recent news about ending WFH, and get myself logged on early to give the rest of the team a bit of a helping hand at the front end of the day. Before shooting off for a couple of hours for a ride, then starting work early again. All of which I should point out would be impossible if working from the office. So, if that IS the final decision, all that will go out of the window. 

Logged on by 7am, with a coffee and my work head screwed on, I got stuck in for an hour, made the best start I could, then started to get ready for a ride. Its a bit stuffy today, but not too hot, so it was lovely to get out and feel the wind rushing by. Back still quite sore at the moment, so I decided to take things easy, and not flog myself too hard. Out to Woolwich and back again, ferry not running today, surprise!! Then into town via Tower Bridge. The joys of riding in the rush-hour in the summer holidays. Roads are much quieter and flow nicely most of the time. 

Keeping the average speed up, seemingly only thwarted by roadworks (summer hols = roadworks season) including chunks of cycleways, which is most inconvenient. It was a good ride, and put me in a good space mentally for the rest of the day which lay ahead. Stressful day at work, yes. Manageable by being able to get into the right frame of mind, definitely. 

Today, I have felt positive, strong, determined and able. A stark contrast to recent days for sure. 
With a meeting with my manager later in the week, an appointment with Andrew the Osteopath on Friday, and my IAPT appointment in the coming weeks, right now things feel good. Now, if only I can secure my footing and stand in this spot, I will be a happier guy. 


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