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Got to hate them. I'm flying now with my training, and all the while encouraging more and more to join the P90Xpress, but there comes a time when even a perfect flow gets interrupted. Play this time has been spoiled by weather. Very heavy rain has stopped the morning and now the evening dog walks, and my body is now overflowing with energy.

The solution is to do another session of P90X, the plan is to join the other half with Plyo tonight. That's the plan anyway, I might yet get told to piss off lol.

Meanwhile, damn I have been hitting the last few sessions hard. More considered intake, with the addition of protein and creatine too, it all adds up. Today for example with back and biceps, I was seriously on fire. Digging deep, pushing to the limit and beyond. I'm in the phase where your body reminds you just how alive you really are, and what you can actually achieve if you commit.

This is a place I hope I can remain for the next few weeks, to the finish line of round 1.

After that I think its time for round 2. I have some new found friends and motivators in the form of Jace's Warriors. A P90X coach and a Facebook group, with far reaching influences. New found drive, and the ability to help encourage and motivate others. What a great opportunity. So thank you to Jace and the gang for this chance.

The plan is to jump right in the middle of a group P90Xpress, joining their group challenge at around week4. Hopefully this time with all the equipment, bands and dumbells I can really rock the P90X world hard.

So as I lay in the bath and unwind for a few mins, I contemplate the road ahead, the weigh in tomorrow, and what the finish line will look and feel like. One thing I know for sure, as I cross the line I will enter NikeTown and re-equip myself with new shoes, etc. Hey, I deserve them.

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