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Panic, worry, or just a little concerned.

Well I guess at the moment its just a little concerned about how mum is. My sister is round there at the moment, but mum has been grumpy and slow moving all morning. She has been eating which is a good thing, but insists she now cant eat many things (again). Cant eat her usual crackers as her mouth is sore, cant drink orange juice for the same reason. So when I left her she was trying a spag bol (at 11am lol)

A friend just suggested getting some CCTV around the house so I can see what is going on with the house, security and safety wise. Added bonus to this is I can keep an eye on the dogs at the same time. So kills 2 birds with one stone. Lets see what mum's opinion of that is. If I tell her its just for watching the dogs, im sure she will say less about it.
I will look into the cost of installing it and maybe sourcing it over the weekend. (watch this space)

In other news.....
Im getting on with the Android better than expected and have decided to keep it for the second line. It adds a bit of sparkle, while the Blackberry continues to do the more practical side of things, and keep me in touch with the world. I can see the appeal of the iPhone now, with the fun and trick apps that are available. Although their appeal is short lived.

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