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Quick update….

Ok so this period of 2 weeks towards the end of P90X Round1 is my transition period as I have previously said. And its a steep learning curve.

First up, without checking the scales I can honestly say I am NOT expecting any further losses. This phase has been all about nutrition and supplements, and they appear to be working. Bulking out and firming up. As well as building stamina in muscle groups.

If there is a loss, then great, but I don't expect it. We will find out the final weight next week at the end of the program, til then I'm focusing on the important things.

I have been experimenting with the time of day I work out recently, and today tried yoga first thing. After 20 mins to wake up and get moving I got stuck in. I can honestly say that this is NOT ideal for me at all lol. Damn it was hard work getting tired muscles involved. Needless to say, form suffered a little for it, and stretches were not as good as they could have been. As for the rest, well, the other workouts have been done varying before and after dog walks, and once again there is a noticeable difference to them also.

I want to add this too before I go. I am building my own little army of P90X'er Snaz's Soldiers 🙂 so wanted to say well done, keep going and dig deep ( and get a move on to those who have not yet got their fingers out.) So , Chantal, Carly, Clare, Amit, John, Matt and Chris.... Well done for even considering this program. Anyone else interested in getting going on P90X, just shout. I'm always here to offer what advice I can, some guidance and a whole bunch of motivation and arse kickin.

Come on Snaz's Soldiers!

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