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What a great feeling it is, a morning of exercise and yoga. Awaken and stretch the body. Explore your mind, and sort out the good and the bad. Drive the weighty troublesome things from your mind, breathe deeply, and awaken the senses to the important things to you.

Exploring the physical limitations of your body, and striving to stretch further, reach higher, and expand your horizons. Motivating yourself to try harder, and appreciate anything is possible if you are willing to put the work in.

Nothing is impossible (within reason, we are not talking human flight here), and flexibility and physical capability is only limited by your mind and commitment.

Just like last weeks session, after winding down and meditating after the yoga session, it is truly and incredible feeling to just let it all go. For an hour you explore, and find all the negative in your mind, from life itself, and any doubts or disbeliefs you have about yourself. Then after that time you realise how far you have pushed yourself, how much you can achieve if you really want to, and see you have collected up a whole load of junk from your mind.

Those last few minutes of relaxation, breathing, and resting is the opportunity to press the reset button on your life, and it allows you to cleanse yourself, relieve yourself of all the things you have collected up, and just flush them away from you.

For me, I woke a little later than normal, had a hellish morning of delays while trying to walk the dogs to warm up, but once I got started on the yoga it all went away. Total immersion in the activity allowed me to let it all relax for a while, and now, as I sit on the train on the way to work I feel refreshed, revived, and alive.

Thank you P90X for an amazing yoga routine, and for giving me this great reset button on my life.

Bring it!

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