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That’s a bit better.

For me anyway. After a few days of battling to get back on track I feel like I am finally getting somewhere now. That said, its 8.50 and I'm back in bed lol. So maybe not a great example.

Difference between today and yesterday is that I'm all geared up and mentally prepared to get the day started properly. My feet and legs are craving the morning walk with the dogs, so must answer their calling soon.

After that, a few more things I have to do, bank, shops, doctors... But all in hand I feel.

So first up, getting ready and going to give the dogs a good walk. From my panic list of to-do's from the earlier part of the week there is really not much left. Work contacted, chunk of rent paid, accounts balanced to hopefully cover the remainder of the months expenditures.

So really nothing too stressful to do for the day, other than make sure mum gets some fluids inside her, and takes her meal replacement drinks that the doctor prescribed yesterday.

Right, gonna step it up a gear now and get going. Back later with more, if I don't wear myself out with housework and walking.



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