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The home coming.

I'm sitting in the hospice now, just waiting on mums lunch to be brought around, so we can get ready to take her home. This morning I emptied the chemical toilet to get that all fresh again. Sadly I could not get the sewer open to drop it straight in, so it had to go into the loo, and that got a little messier than planned. But hey ho, all cleared up now, and I know what I'm doing in future eh.

After refilling that, I got myself off to the hospice a little later than planned.

After a soak in the sun, and a fag break we went back inside, where I set about making a large Moonpig card, complete with pictures of the hospice, written from mum and sent to her sister, so she can see where mum has been, and now admits she will miss.

While doing this Barbara, one of the nurses I know came over for a chat, laughing about the stories circulating amongst the staff here about my ways and my sexuality (jokingly). Having joked with Anna about me possibly being gay due to my ways and my man-bag, Barbara kindly dismissed any doubts in that area for me. (Being my friends mum and all)

So for now we are back up in the room waiting for lunch to come around. And as I write I have just noticed a nasty cut on mums leg, so the nurse is just taking a look at it now. That's a shame, because she was having a pre-lunch nap. Still, better that its cleaned up and dressed before it gets infected.

Meanwhile I have remembered that mum still didn't see the art school people about her modelling clay. So I will pop off to the art shop or something, and grab something she can use to practise with at home, and get some strength back in her fingers and hands.

The staff nurse has just come around to start the handover for mum, the meds and what's needed to take home with us. So once that's done, and dinner is consumed, we are freeee to go 🙂

Better get on now, catch y'all later.



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