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The odds are stacked against

But that's no reason to roll and just give up now is it? Instead I am taking the previous negativity I have faced and turning it into motivation. A challenge if you will.

It seems each step I take in what I consider the right direction, I am swept back again, like walking on an opposite running escalator. I could just stand still and go where it takes me, but I have goals I want to achieve. Whatever life throws at me, I am determined not to give up, not to change my plans, and not to lose.

I have a test I really want to pass next month, smack bang in the middle of a challenging month, however there is no reason I can't do it. As usual my body is protesting about life progressing, and trying to immobilise me, in this case by straining my Planta Fascia. Stopping me dead in my tracks quite literally. But on this occasion I have refused to let it stop anything, determined to stay walking until I decide I want to rest. The new me if you will.

Throw a spanner in the works for me, and I will use that spanner to fix something else along the way once I have freed it from the inner workings of my life. Push me to the ground to stop me, and I shall stay on all fours to gain momentum and traction on my journey again. I refuse.... I REFUSE to be trodden down any more.

I can do better than I am doing right now, and I have faith and belief in myself.

OK this is turning into another self motivational entry isn't it. Well let me stop that right there.

I am a single example of how someone can achieve if they put their mind to something, and want badly to be YOUR motivation to achieve your goals in life. I have already overcome a lot of challenges in life, with the support and encouragement of my friends. However the journey doesn't stop there. Onwards and upwards.

We can do this, achieving our goals, be it losing weight, making a clean break or standing up and facing diversity. 2012 is just a number to me, but let the record show that this was the milemarker in my life where I stopped taking shit and rolling over, and instead made a difference.

I'm off to hobble on my painful foot now, to get to work to pay the bills, and stay stable while I plan my next move. Make your day a good one, and remember to do something that makes a difference to someone, today and everyday.

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