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There is no telling some people!

Nope for once this isn't about my family, this is about the idiots that insist on walking on the wet concrete on the new driveway. Its not rocket science, if the slab was not there the day before, it will probably be wet. The planks laid across it are the second hint that its wet... But no, none of this was enough.

Over the past couple of weeks they have laid concrete on 5 days, on each of those days someone walked through it every time.

Today they laid the last slab, and refinished the whole driveway. Not content with walking through the newest piece, they have also walked right across the whole thing for about 20+ ft, so messed up the refinish too. Well done, that's outstanding!

I'm sure by tomorrow, the barrier put across the drive will be moved and they will park on the drive too. Like I say, No telling some people.

Irritating really, having had such a crap driveway for years, I really hoped everyone would give the new lay a chance, so we had a nice driveway.... But no!



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