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Today’s game plan

I thought I would commit to the web so I can at least check back and see if I stuck to it, rather than changing it in my head to fit how the day turned out.

Last night I had a great walk with the dogs, but as usual seem to have over done it a bit, and have been left with a sore foot again, so the plan wasn't to walk them this morning, and I didn't. I got up early as planned, did a few bits in the house then lounged for a bit. As planned.

Today I shall be having my last intake of proper food for a while, so going out with a bit of a bang, a little binge if you may. So from this point on, no more junk and prob no more food for a bit. There is a busy month ahead of me with plenty of distractions around me to keep my mind away from the temptations.

I also have a few things to plan and sort out, a couple of payments to make, and calls to make to arrange work. On the house following the plumbing and plastering. I'm looking forwards to getting the bathroom sorted properly once and for all, so must get these calls made.

On a side note, I saw workmen working on the vacant plot next to my house, clearing out the water from the ruined foundations, so maybe this signals a spring start to the rebuilding of a property there. Also very exciting, it will be nice to have a building there again after so long. Just hope there are no implications to my house as they build the place. Let's not worry about that for now eh.

So its off to work I go. Already in the knowledge that we are short staffed today and its going to be an interesting challenge. With Steve off for the next couple of weeks on paternity, and various other absences, we are a little thin spread, but hey, a challenge is good right.

Right, here comes my station, so that's me for now. My entry ends listening to Example, Split Personality..... That's SO me!

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