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Touching base.

I have written a few emotionally motivated blog entries recently, but less and less about myself. So, I thought I would change that today.

Hello, my name is Michael. This is my blog, and I would like to tell you a little about myself.

So where do I start? It has been quite a while since I stopped taking Citalopram for my depression. It feels great to be med free again, after what seemed like forever this time around. Of course, I am managing to keep myself busy with other activities to keep my brain balanced, and my mind occupied. That is not to say I have not had wobbles. It is actually pretty scary feeling a wobble, especially when you can recall so clearly where you end up if you fall.
The simplest of things can cause one, a small disagreement which causes you to question yourself, is enough to get things moving. Thankfully, I have regained my composure and stability before it was too late.

Cycling and running are really keeping me honest to myself. Requiring me to keep focused, and put energy into the activity is a great way to keep things going. With over 5,000 miles covered so far this year, I am pushing myself like I have never pushed before. To the point where I am having to call myself out at times and take a break, before I run myself into the ground. I already know that I will have to dial it back a little for next year, which may or may not cause a bit of a void for me. I am already thinking ahead to see what I can do to fill that.

Another thing that I have done to stay busy is my Snazy365 project on Instagram. (
A photo a day, for a year. Something to reflect the day, and to see if I can simply scroll back through them and recall that day from an image of one event. It has been fun, but all wraps up tomorrow on day 365! I am considering what I can do next, maybe a repeat, maybe something a bit stricter on rules. We shall see.

Other than that, work is the same, life is pretty good, and I am doing my best to be the best version of myself that I can be, without too much misery.

Tuvaaq is getting old and stiff now. Meanwhile Kallik is maturing into a lovely dog, calming down to a great extent, but still a little arsehole at times. After a long phase of sleeping outside at night, he is back inside. However has developed an annoying desire to go out at about 2am!
Then there is little madam Anya..... Well she has a long way to go before she fits my ideals. Some of her naughtiness is a little funny, while the rest is just sent to test us. She will get there, slowly but surely. I would not want it any other way.

So, that is about it really, I am still very much me. Annoying, opinionated, stubborn and a little arrogant at times. Life is good, can't say I would change anything right now.

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