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Week 6 – The Wall

I was bound to arrive at it at some point, but its been so long since I hit one, that I forgot how big they can be. I am of course talking about the wall as a metaphor, and am not suddenly shocked to find a wall outside my house.

Somewhere along the line in any training program or routine you will come across the obstacle in your path. For some its a branch to hop over, other its a hurdle that just takes a bit of a push. But for some, me inc in this case, its a bloody great brick wall double my height, no ropes, no footings. Now if you have seen Run Fatboy Run, you will be familiar with this metaphor, and the struggle is can be to get past it, if not, you are probably a little confused right now.

Progress on Weeks 1 through to 5 have been without drama. Some aches and pains along the way, a touch of nausea here and there but nothing else. Today however, the start of Week 6 was a different matter. I woke very tired, lacking motivation, slightly upset stomach and nausea. Sensing trouble was ahead I decided there was only one course of action to take. Get some fluids in me, get off my lazy de-motivated arse, and get moving. So that's exactly what I did.

The key was to wake up, get my mind and body up to speed, and get focused on the usual routine. I just wanted to shake it off and carry on. The dog walks went to plan and were not too much of an effort, so I was ready for the P90X part of the morning. Chest Shoulders and Triceps is quite a demanding routine, and drains the last drips of energy from you quickly, so its sods law that was what today had in store for me.

As I got ready my body started to groan, and the first 20 push-ups of the day basically were the school bully, mocking me, throwing things at me, and picking on me. Trying to psych me out, and make me quit. Been there before! Turning it to my advantage I just got angry with the drop in drive, and used that to drive me instead. Pushing harder, using the anger and frustration within me to squeeze out the last few reps in each movement, and to move onwards to the next step. Watching the clock ticking down from 60 mins to the last few seconds.

At the last movement finished, and the cooldown begun, I could almost picture the wall exploding in front of me. Not content with getting over the wall, I had pushed so hard, like I was a bulldozer on tracks, not losing traction or momentum, and push push pushing my way through. Smashing through the wall, destroying it, and hopefully making sure it won't pop up in my way again any time soon. Worst case, next lap I will have some rubble to hop over.

The moral of this story is.. When challenges present themselves. Don't shy away, avoid or find a way around them. Conquer them, overcome them. Once they are defeated you will have new found strength, determination and confidence that NOTHING can stand in your way.

Week 6, Day 2...... I'm waiting for you!

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