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Well that worked out well!

Oops, I went to bed last night, early and full of promise. Planning to break the routine, be up early, get a good few miles in with the dogs and start over. Well needless to say I slept in a little later than planned, and its raining heavily outside, so how's that for a bad start to the day.

I am trying to find a sensible balance at the moment, to give myself enough time to walk the dogs, have a sensible amount of free time, and be able to do all the household stuff I need to do. Which I was still awake in time to do anyway.

However I don't want bundles of free time, to be bored and start filling my rounded face with even more junk. So its a delicate balance right now, at least until I can get myself on a roll.

Having done LighterLife, I know I have willpower, having overcome some real lows in life I know I have determination, and after some deep thinking last night, I know I have support. Now I just need the key, the catalyst, and the reason to sort myself out. Once I get started I know my mindset changes and my dedication is solid, just need those first few steps.

At least I know my brain is working again these days, I sure seem to be able to blog without too much of a problem, so that's something right :).

I have said this before, and I am gonna say it and try it again, I am going on a diet. Having tried other ways, I have decided the only way to go is full on shakes. The mix and match never really works because temptation is ever present having food in the house. Shakes are the way ahead, so once my supplies of fresh food in the house are gone, the fun begins.

So much changes when I'm in a determined and aggressive mindset, and right now, that's where I need to be, hungry to succeed, determined to achieve, and doing something for me for once. And there you have it, by the weekend I revert to a shakes only man, and hopefully return to being half the man I am now, literally.

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