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What symbolises YOU?

Don't ask me why, but todays thought is all about representation. I got wondering about all things great, then ended up with this thought.
Be it you avatar of life, a signature image or something to sum you up in one single image or object, what would you choose to represent you. And more to the point, what would others use to remember you by.

We are surrounded by corporate logos. Seeing a simple outline can plant a thought or desire in our minds in a flash. Be it a curvy M in yellow, or the red and blue ying-yang of Pepsi, we are all led by these images. So why I thought, are we not the same with personal associations. I suppose in a way we are, seeing something from our past can trigger memories of a person, but not everyone.

I am putting the question out there for 2 reasons, I'm curious how people see themselves, and want a good way to put more of you in my mind. I like those trigger moments that remind me of friends and good times. Maybe I am a slightly deeper thinker than some. Maybe this entry makes no sense to you. However others I'm sure will be thinking hard about their own image.

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about symbolic representation, and for sure my tattoos are proof enough of my commitment to all things symbolic. With the anniversary of mum passing approaching I am in the middle of planning my next image to remind me. For mum it is her lily. Having it in the pond for many years with no luck in it blooming, she didn't give up. And on time, as her own health declined finally it burst into life. A beautiful bloom, and one that made her proud. Such was her pride and passion in her creation, it is only fitting that it be the centre piece for my tribute tattoo.

For me, well I have included an image on mine too. A simple 'i' . The universal sign for information. The point you can trust to turn to when you need info or advice. I am no oracle, but I do know that a large group of people seem to turn to me when the chips are down, or just to blow off steam. Sometimes inspiration, other times just a second opinion, my 'i' is illuminated 24 hours a day, and always willing to have a say. Right or wrong, I will always speak my mind as clearly and honestly as I can.

There are many images throughout our lives that signifies something about us. But what is YOUR defining image?

2 thoughts on “What symbolises YOU?

  1. uzumaki__naruto

    Mine would be,r:4,s:16,i:190&tx=16&ty=56


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